“La Mode” installation performance

“La Mode” installation performance
Tomoko Mukaiyama

La Mode is a performance with ten dancers, a catwalk, an architectural installation and one pianist, analyzing power, sex, desire, self-expression and the social codes around fashion. With this project, Tomoko brings together a grand international collaboration with a bouquet of different artists from various disciplines.

Concept & Artistic Direction: Tomoko Mukaiyama
Music: Yannis Kyriakides
Choreography: Dunja Jocic
Choreographic Assistants: Alessandra Chirulli, Luca Cacitti
Dance: Spellbound Contemporary Ballet, Sarah Murphy
Piano: Tomoko Mukaiyama

Costume Design: Slavna Martinovic
Set Design: Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects + Yoko Ando
Technical Direction: Yutaka Endo (LUFTZUG)
Sound Technician: Yuji Tsutsumida (WHITELIGHT)
Speaker System support: Taguchi

Production: Tomoko Mukaiyama Foundation
Coproduction: Spellbound Contemporary Ballet, National Taichung Theater
Associated Coproduction: Dance New Air
Production Support: Transart Festival
Subsidies: Fonds Podiumkunsten, Stichting Ammodo
Support: Maltus, BIGI

– Transart festival Bolzano, Italy
THU 08 SEP 2016
venue: Stadttheater Bozen

– National Taichung Theater Grand Opening Program
Taichung, Taiwan
跨界劇場《魔時尚》 La Mode
World Premiere
SAT 1, SUN 2 OCT 2016
venue: 國家表演藝術中心 中劇院
National Taichung Theater Playhouse

– Dance New Air Tokyo, Japan
SAT 8 – MON 10 OCT 2016
venue: Spiral Hall