Photo by Mami Tanabe

HORS PISTES | TOKYO | An avant garde Art & Image Festival


Hors Pistes [Off Tracks]is an art and images Festival promoting experimentation
of new forms of short and mid-length fictions, organized by the Centre Pompidou since 2006.

Well known for introducing international new talents, HORS PISTES showcases a selection of works, a mirror of the uniqueness of the Cinemas of Centre Pompidou, focusing on diversity (dance movies, art movies, documentaries, fiction, experimental movies, etc…).

Created to explore the most innovative and avant-garde trends of today’s interdisciplinary creation, HORS PISTES brings together art and moving images through screenings, live performances, installations and eventful workshops.

Every year HORS PISTES gives to diverse audiences the opportunity to be immersed in the off-beat universe of multidisciplinary art and media, to explore the breaks and shifts which emerge in contemporary forms of films and narrative and triggers new boundaries.

This year, HORS PISTES will launch its first new collaborative edition in TOKYO. Blending films and creations from Japan with a selection of the Paris original program, it will also create new bridges between France, Japan and the world.

Technical co-ordinate & something : Yutaka Endo / LUFTZUG