EPPA | Sat 9 – Sun 10, Feb 2013

クリウィムバアニー × コンタクト・ゴンゾ × 天野タケル × 池永正二
crewimburnny × contact Gonzo × Takeru Amano × Shoji Ikenaga


EPPA – the encounter with provocative performing arts presented by LUFTZUG


These artists’ creations are formally different, but beyond the styles they somehow intersect and take the same direction in their survival in the contemporary world. The four artists / companies have respectively encountered in Roppongi Hills’ 5th anniversary event “gene”, Setagaya Public Theatre, “Hors Pistes Tokyo” organized by Centre Pompidou, and music videos. We expect this event will demonstrate their new impulses and unusual “daily life and encounter” by an unknown detonating agent.


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会場:象の鼻テラス http://www.zounohana.com/
〒231-0002 横浜市中区海岸通1丁目 TEL: 045-661-0602

料金:前売 ¥3,200 | 当日 ¥3,500
協力:象の鼻テラス、WHITELIGHT、DOTWORKS、Prism co., ltd.

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Sat 9 / Sun 10, Feb 2013
Open/Start 19:00
Venue: ZOU NO HANA TERRACE http://www.zounohana.com/
Approximately 3 minutes walk from Exit 1, 5 minutes walk
from Exit 2, Nihon-odori Station [Minatomirai Line]
1 chome, Kaigan-dori, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture 231-0002, Japan
Tel +81(0)45-661-0602

Adv. ¥3,200 | Door ¥3,500
Produced by LUFTZUG
Cooperate with ZOU NO HANA TERRACE, WHITELIGHT, DOTWORKS, Prism co., ltd.

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TPAM Direction Plus

✔ 演出 Direction
菅尾なぎさ、contact Gonzo
Nagisa Sugao, contact Gonzo

✔ 出演 Performance
contact Gonzo  小林正和、松見拓也、金井悠、三ヶ尻敬悟、塚原悠也
Masakazu Kobayashi, Takuya Matsumi, Yu Kanai, Keigo Mikajiri, Yuta Tsukahara
クリウィムバアニー 阿竹花子、金子あい、佐藤想子、高島豊加、松浦羽伽子、松崎有莉、菅尾なぎさ
Hanako Atake, Ai Kaneko, Soko Sato, Yutaka Takashima, Wakako Matsuura, Yuri Matsuzaki, Nagisa Sugao

✔ 空間・ライブペイント Live Paint
天野タケル Takeru Amano

✔ 音楽 Music
池永正二 Shoji Ikenaga / Arakajime kimerareta koibitotachi he(あらかじめ決められた恋人たちへ)、ほか

✔ 照明 Lighting
服部祐子 Yuko Hattori DOTWORKS

✔ 音響 PA
堤田祐史 Yuji Tsutsumida WHITELIGHT

✔ 衣裳(クリウィムバアニー) Costume (for crewimburnny)
西岡七歩子 Nahoko Nishioka

✔ デザイン Design
山野英之 高い山 Hideyuki Yamano / TAKAIYAMA Inc.

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crewimburnny クリウィムバアニー

A dance company led by Nagisa Sugao. Formed in 2005 selecting exquisite girls: not only dancers but also actresses from independent theatre. They approach the movements of female bodies from the two poles – boys’ bewitched point of view and girls’ lovely point of view – to create pop depiction of dreams, realities and nothingness that exist at the intersection of the two vectors that eternally deviate from each other. The crewim world instantly enchants audience and has been spreading addiction♡♡♡


contact Gonzo コンタクト・ゴンゾ
Formed in 2006. “contact Gonzo” is the name of the group and at the same time of their methodology, i.e., a lo-fi spark. They advocate “philosophy of pain, technique of contact” in a clouded consciousness, and build a unique and pastoral theory of the sublime; in other words, they hit each other or roll down slope. In the course of this effort, destroying cameras in forests, they invented “the first man narrative,” a method for getting closest to themselves, and shot countless photos with instant cameras. They have recently been developing “slow tank” and “mountain surfing.”

2006年結成。contact Gonzoとは、集団の、そして方法論の名称、つまりローファイなスパークでもある。朦朧としながら「痛みの哲学接触の技法」を謳い、独自の牧歌的崇高論を構築。つまり殴り合ったり、坂を落ちたりする。その過程で、森の中でカメラを破壊しながら、誰よりも自分たちに近づく手法「the first man narrative」を開発し、インスタントカメラで大量の写真撮影をおこなう。現在「遅い戦車」や「山サーフィン」を開発中。

Shoji Ikenaga 池永正二
The central figure of the lyrical dub unit “Arakajime kimerareta koibito tachi e.” Track maker and composer. Having released six albums including the latest “Kyo”, he has regularly been appearing in large-scale festivals such as Fuji Rock Festival, Rising Sun Rock Festival or Asagiri Jam. The visual sense in his music has been highly praised, and he has also been working on film music, music for theatre as well as producing and remixing other bands’ works.

叙情派エレクトロDUBユニット「あらかじめ決められた恋人たちへ」の中心人物。トラックメーカー、コンポーザー。最新作『今日』まで6枚のアルバムを発表。FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL、RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL、朝霧JAMといった大型フェスの常連となっている。また、映像的なセンスを持った音楽性が高く評価され、映画音楽や演劇音楽、バンドのプロデュース・リミックスも手掛けている。

Takeru Amano 天野タケル
Painter / sculptor. Born in Tokyo in 1977. White and black, man and woman. Strong and delicate lines. Co-existence of the opposite. He moved to the U.S. in 1997, studied silk screen print and lithography, and set his base in Japan in 2000. He has been creating and designing in various fields and also VJing. The artistic attitude in his exploration of new forms, based on painting and sculpture, has been drawing attention across genres.


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