“Digital Nature” in Digital Shock

Hors Pistes Tokyo & L’Institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo
“Digital Nature” in Digital Shock

25h Feb, 2012
Venue : L’Institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo

Despite an apparent irreconcilable opposition, the digital world is not just an inorganic construction, while nature also contains artifi ce. In “Digital Nature”, as visual performances, voice, dance follow one another in a natural landscape, stretching space and time, piling and overlapping like a canon, an ambivalent sensation arises from the mix of organic and digital textures. Let’s experience these sensations, wandering together in this unexpected nature, across blurred perceptions.

Mocca | crewimburnny | hajimeinoue | + fraqsea | Takeru Amano |
Unit Ambivalent | ZEVS | Miki Isojima | Takashi Yamaguchi

Supported by:
Mugenkai Communication|M Daikanyama|Canon Marketing Japan Inc.|
Neon Magazine|LUFTZUG|Kissing Kourami|Centre Pompidou

Organized by:
Hors Pistes Tokyo Executive Committee |L’institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo